Wendy Salkind, Alexander Technique Teacher, Baltimore, MD

Wendy Salkind

The Alexander Technique is a mind/body practice that restores your natural poise, coordination, and ease of movement. You learn to move through your life with heightened awareness and with less mental and physical tension. Most people find that practicing this technique relieves stress and reduces pain, offering improved posture, balance and breathing. As a student of this Technique you become a refined observer of the neuromuscular habits that prevent you from moving comfortably. You will learn a unique process by which you can consciously change those habits so that moving becomes pleasurable and you attend to the activities of your life with renewed energy.

Benefits derived from studying the Alexander Technique:

    • Reduction of mental and physical tension
    • Back and neck pain relief
    • Improved breathing and vocal expression
    • Greater postural support
    • Improved balance and coordination
    • Injury prevention in performance
    • Relief from performance anxiety