Lessons direct you toward an unraveling of physical tension and a heightened state of attention. 

  • Contact me to discuss your concerns and to schedule an online lesson now or an in-person lesson soon:


  • You learn through activity.

During normal in-person lessons, I use my hands to gently help you release muscular tension and to guide you toward deeper balance and skeletal support. Together we undo your unique movement habits as we look at familiar activities such as standing, sitting, bending, reaching, walking, and working at the computer. You may find improved balance, breath, and support within those movements. We also look at activities that you find difficult to sustain without physical discomfort.  If you are a performer, I will teach you how to apply the principles of this Technique to your practice and performance.

  • AT lessons are 30 or 50 minutes long.

Each person studies the same principles in a 50-minute lesson, whether you are dealing with back pain, excess tension in performance, or reduced balance. Your concerns will guide the lessons. The Alexander Technique is an educational process so you should not expect to passively receive any treatment. As a student, you are an active participant. Shorter lessons of 30 minutes can be useful once you have learned the basic principles of the Technique, and during the current time of online lessons.

  • The number of lessons needed is variable.

The principles of this technique are simple, but most habits have developed over many years and they do not disappear in a flash. You learn at your own pace and discover for yourself how this technique impacts your life.  I recommend a couple of lessons so that you can get an idea about this method of learning and you can see if I’m the right teacher for you.  Most students need a minimum of 10 lessons to be able to apply these principles to their daily and specialized activities.

To begin, students need to take lessons once or twice a week. The first lesson lasts an hour, at no additional cost, so that we can talk about your concerns and I can give you more time as I introduce you to this process.


Some people like to begin lessons in Alexander Technique in a small group of 3-5 individuals. They find that as they see changes in others, they become clearer in their own thinking about movement. I’m glad to discuss the possibility of a small class with you. I often teach a group of people who are skilled in some specialized activity, such as a group of instrumentalists,  or public speakers.