My Story

Wendy Salkind, Alexander Technique Teacher, Baltimore, MDTrained as an actor, I learned physical, vocal, and emotional techniques to become highly expressive. Using the principles of the Alexander Technique I found greater breath support with less effort and more freedom of movement within each characterization. Years later, as a person with arthritis and pain, I developed patterns of tension in my body that generated excessive amounts of muscular effort in my attempts to express myself on stage. Through the Alexander Technique I learned how to relieve compression around my joints, to improve my balance, and to walk, swim, and perform my daily and performance activities with more ease.


Wendy Salkind lives and teaches in Rumford, Rhode Island, and is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique who has been teaching privately, in university classes, and in workshops since 1992. For seven years, she taught for Alexander Technique Mid-Atlantic, training students to become AT teachers in a 3-year residential certification course.  She holds teaching certification from Alexander Technique International, and she completed the Post Certification program in Alexander Technique at ATNYC with master teacher John Nichols in 2009.

She has led invited introductory workshops for sign interpreters, speech pathologists, high school music and drama teachers, young opera singers, professional national Alexander Technique organizations, and for the general public. In her private practice, she teaches students who have a range of backgrounds and interests, including among others, business executives, massage therapists, gardeners, equestrians, musicians, professional voice users, and individuals who suffer with chronic pain. She regularly taught Alexander Technique classes to actors and musicians as a Professor of Theatre at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, from which she is now retired, and more recently at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD.