Why People Study the Alexander Technique

Mischajump4 (2)We are designed to move fluidly, in balance, with vigor and ease.  But many of us find that our lifestyles limit movement and we end up with an excess of tension.  We hunch up our shoulders or tighten our necks as we type.  We slouch for long periods of time in chairs and couches.  We tense our backs as we walk, garden, drive our cars, hit a tennis ball.  We collapse our chests so that we don’t breathe easily. We rush through one experience in order to get to the next one with little awareness of how we got there.

We cannot always change the demands of our professional and personal lives, but we can change the ways we move through our activities. With conscious attention we can learn to give ourselves choices so that we are no longer restricted by our habits and the stresses of our lives. We study the Alexander Technique to learn about our own habits of moving and our habits of thinking about how we do what we do. We experience change by heightening our curiosity.

The technique is practical, fascinating, and joyful to use.  

Whether you are suffering from an injury, from chronic work-related pain, or you just want to find ways of going about your life with less stress and more balance, you can practice the principles of this Technique so that you can move in keeping with your body’s natural design and structure.